Standing Out

Standing Out

With any job application, you need to make sure you stand out.

How do you make your submission as individual as you are? How do you shine through words? How do you make sure the company remembers you after your interview?

Energy & Utilities Jobs has joined forces with senior leaders from top employers to guide you through the process.

Louise Parry, Head of HR, Energy & Utility Skills

Louise Parry, Director of People & Organisational Development, Energy & Utility Skills

A little about Louise:

Louise wasn’t always clear on what she wanted to do when ‘grown up’ – something many of us can relate to! She decided to continue her development by gaining her first job with sponsorship to complete a post graduate diploma. The continued training and support to complete her diploma was key in making her decision that HR was the area she wanted to focus on.

And many years later, her story continues as the Director of People & Organisational Development at Energy & Utility Skills.

Top Five Tips:

1.    Research the company – not just a look at the website at what they do, use those social media skills to find out what their clients or customers have to say about what and how they deliver their services, what their employees have to say about working for the company

2.   Practise the journey ahead of your interview - public transport can be delayed, traffic can be heavier than you expect; try out the journey at the same time of day you will need to get to your interview and plan the journey out. Make sure you arrive on time or ahead of time

3.  What might the company want to find out about you? Review the role and prepare your examples of where you have been able to demonstrate the skills/experience they are looking for

4.  Conversely, what do you want to know about the company and the role? Have your questions prepared – this shows commitment and interest on your half

5. Consider your body language; show your interest in the role by keeping eye contact, try not to fidget and listen to the questions

And remember: thank the interview panel for their time!

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