Our Apprentices

If you’re considering an apprenticeship, you’re considering a job that’s diverse, well-paid and which emphasises skills and qualifications. Apprenticeships in the energy and utilities sector have great starting salaries, training and mentoring and of course, opportunities for career progression.

From IT programmes to engineering programmes, there are many types of apprenticeships on offer. Entry criteria ranges from 5 GCSEs to 2 A-levels/BTEC Level 3 for higher and degree level apprenticeships.

Learn, earn and make a difference just like these individuals… 

Archie's Story - Power apprentice, UK Power Networks

It dawns on me how many people rely on the jobs we do. If you look up in London you see lots of buildings with lights on which depends upon the equipment we maintain.

Niall's Story - Apprentice Engineer, Cadent Gas

"An apprenticeship like this is perfect for me but won’t be right for everyone. But there will be a right fit, and the right jobs, if we’re just given the chance.”

Cameron’s Story - Apprentice Electricity Linesperson, UK Power Networks

It’s a tough job market out there for young people. Apprentice electricity linesperson, Cameron Stafford, 20, from Peacehaven, Sussex, is one of 100 apprentices UK Power Networks is currently supporting through skilled apprenticeships. He’s training to maintain and repair the overhead power lines which keep power flowing in Sussex.

Joe’s Story - Apprentice Mechanical Field Service Engineer (FSE), United Utilities

"United Utilities is a fantastic company to work for, with great progression and development opportunities. Through my apprenticeship I have received in-house training and I’m encouraged to progress as much as possible."
Jonathan 's Story - Graduate Apprentice

Jonathan 's Story - Graduate Apprentice, ‘Power Network Craftsperson, SP Energy Networks

“As a next step in their career, this is a great opportunity for service leavers. It offers a similar supportive structure as the Forces, you get to work as a team, get hands-on and have the same backing from your superiors. I would strongly recommend it and in fact I have two friends who also joined an adult apprenticeship after seeing and hearing about my positive experience.”
Annie's Story - Business Support Apprentice, Kier

Annie's Story - Business Support Apprentice, Kier

"After spending six weeks working for Kier, I couldn’t imagine working or doing anything else as I was enjoying it that much. The work experience had just proved to me how much I enjoyed working and earning my own money."

Matt, Apprentice, Northern Gas Networks

"I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and am quite a ‘hands on’ type of person. Friends of mine work in similar roles and after chatting to them about their jobs and the satisfaction they got from what they did it made me start looking into opportunities in the energy and utilities sector."

Lia's Story - IT Degree Apprentice, SSE

"There's lot of career prospects at SSE. We move around the business every 6 months we get to have training and development in different business areas. For example, I have already worked in Data and Analytics Corporate Solutions & Change Management."

Molly's Story - Craft Apprentice, SP Energy Networks

"I’ve always wanted to work in engineering and to have been accepted to work with SP Energy Networks as a craft apprentice is a great opportunity."

Brianika's Story - Leakage Technician Apprentice, Anglian Water

"Even though I am an apprentice and have only been with the company for just over a year, I applied for a role as a Future Leaders Board member which I had worked hard to be able to achieve. If you want to succeed and put in the hard work, Anglian Water will help you achieve anything you aspire to be."

Jack's Story - IT Degree Apprentice, SSE

Being able to build such a large network at a young age is a huge benefit. I am given the opportunity to work with colleagues who care about my future and challenge me to work smarter.

Deivydas's Story - Street Lighting Operative, Amey

"Everyone’s journey is different and may be difficult at times but I really believe that having hope and faith in yourself is a step forward in anything you decide to do."
Kirsty McDermott- Senior  Engineer - Welding, National Grid

Kirsty's Story - Senior Engineer - Welding, National Grid

"The diversity of working in this industry is something that has really appealed to me."
Alex Sanderson, Apprentice, UKPN

Alex's Story - Cable Jointer Apprentice, UK Power Networks

"I’m proud to be the first woman to gain this qualification. I’m dyslexic…my colleagues couldn’t have been more supportive."
Nicole Cain

Nicole's Story - Overhead Line Worker Apprentice, Electricity North West

"The support I’ve received so far throughout my training at Electricity North West has been brilliant.".
Rebecca Feeney, Organisation and Employee Development Apprentice, South West Water

Becca's Story - Organisation & Employee Development Apprentice, South West Water

"I knew joining a large sector would mean that there would be plenty of opportunities for me and chances to develop personally and professionally."
Conor Stratton, Electrical Fitter, Morrison Utility Services

Conor S's Story - Electrical Fitter Apprentice, Morrison Utility Services

"I am really pleased that I am working while studying, it is the best combination."
Emma Mackay, Apprentice, SSE

Emma's Story - Apprentice- Electrician, SSE

"I feel respected in my role and I think that’s a really important aspect to any job."
Matthew Meechan, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, Scottish Water

Matthew's Story - Apprentice - Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Scottish Water

“You should always show a willingness to learn and should always be enthusiastic about the area that you are interested in.”
Ryeannie Scullion, Apprenticeship, British Gas

Ryeannie's Story - Apprentice - Customer Service Advisor, British Gas

"Even though I had no idea what I was going into when I began my apprenticeship, it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done."
Safanah Riaz, Apprentice, British Gas

Safanah's Story - Apprentice - Customer Service Advisor, British Gas

"The opportunity to gain hands-on experience was one of the things that stood out about an apprenticeship and persuaded me this was the route for me."

Samantha's Story - Apprentice - Advanced Programme, National Grid

"Working in an office wasn't for me, I love being outdoors so this apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity!"
Zoe's Story - Apprentice

Zoe's Story - Apprentice - Smart Meter Engineer, E.ON UK

“No woman should be put off by an apprenticeship with an energy or utilities company because it could lead to a new career with great prospects.”

Jonathon's Story - Trainee Engineer, SSE

"After leaving the Marines I chose to start my new career path on the SSE trainee engineer programme."
Liam Osborne, Overhead Line Worker Apprentice, Electricity North West

Liam's Story - Overhead Line Worker Apprentice, Electricity North West

"I’m a more hands on practical learner so an apprenticeship seemed ideal for me, I just wish I had found it earlier!"