Our Professionals

The energy and utilities sectors are fundamental to the UK economy. To ensure they run smoothly, strong support functions are critical.

If you’re looking to change career or returning to work after a career break, read our inspiring stories about some of the professionals in the sector. There are a huge number of roles available in a sector that helps provide essential services to 65 million people in the UK.

Tom's Story – Maintenance Performance Manager, Thames Water

"I was a Captain in the Royal Logistics Corps for 7 years. Thames Water seemed like a ‘good fit’ for me and my skillset; I thought the experience I had would transition well".

Emily's Story– Project Engineer, Thames Water

"Thames Water offers me the flexibility to work around in various roles. I enjoy being challenged and I really believe in what the company does".

Paris's Story - Design Engineer, Northern Powergrid

Paris is the company lead on a number of internal and external innovation projects that look at the impact of different Low Carbon Technologies and represents the company in different national working groups and conferences.

Hilary's Story - Head of Engineering, Cadent

"Cadent is increasing their focus on developing our engineering workforce. I do a lot of work mentoring young engineers, male and female, and it is immensely rewarding."

Anne's Story - Costing & Data Modellng Analyst, Yorkshire Water

"My BSc (Hons) Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science included a year long industrial placement in a research laboratory During my final year undergraduate project, I investigated the chemical differences between bottled and tap waters and this sparked an interest in the water industry."

Mumtaz's Story - Operations Interface Manager, Cadent

"An office closure and company restructuring mean't I had a choice between taking a redundancy package or retraining to move into operational, engineering functions. I chose the latter!"

Claudia Amaro - Business Performance Manager, Amey

"The engineering and construction space tends to be a male dominated environment, something which I know companies like Amey are working hard to change. Since joining Amey, I have never felt for a second that I was treated differently for any reason".

Angela's Story - Escalations Case Manager, Morrison Utility Services

"Morrison Utility Services has been great for me. I have been supported by my managers and the business throughout this journey and have everything I need to succeed in my role."

Aamer's Story - Customer Service Agent, Morrison Utility Services

"I am visually impaired and did some thorough research on technologies that could support my role as a member of the call centre team. Morrison Utility Services has taken every opportunity to ensure that I have everything I need to succeed in my role".
Jessica's Story - Customer Service Specialist, E.ON

Jessica's Story - Customer Service Specialist, E.ON

"E.On had belief in me during the interviews – and I’m happy to say they’ve believed in me ever since. They’ve been so supportive and understanding from day one and I have never felt the need to keep my illness a secret."
Susan Robson, Principal Consultant, Internal Consulting, National Grid

Susan's Story - Principal Consultant, Internal Consulting, National Grid

"The energy industry surely must be one of the most exciting places to work and influence now and this is why it is so important to make sure we stay ahead, with diverse thinking and people who can work at their best."
Nick Haigh

Nick Haigh, Head of Analysis & Evidence for Floods, Water & Contamination, DEFRA

"The work of my team is vital to ensure what government does in water management is in tune with the natural world, what is going to work and what is worthwhile."
John Pettigrew, CEO, National Grid

John's Story - CEO, National Grid

"It’s an exciting time to be in the energy industry. The scale and pace of change is unlike anything we’ve seen before."
Myrtle, Chartered Chemical Engineer, Centrica

Myrtle's story, Chartered Chemical Engineer, Centrica

"I accepted a challenge in a role that no one understood and no one wanted."
Alison Fergusson, Principal Engineer, Ofwat

Alison's story - Principal Engineer, Ofwat

"The sector is an exciting place for engineers. Water and wastewater services are so vital for all, and the technical challenges and opportunities are endless."
Josh Haskett, Policy Analyst, Ofgem

Josh's Story - Graduate - Policy Analyst, Ofgem

"I’m very ambitious and hopeful about my career prospects whilst at Ofgem, and beyond. The graduate scheme is excellent for training, with a bespoke course for getting up to speed with energy and regulation."
Svitlana Voronkova, Senior Analyst, Ofgem

Svitlana's Story - Senior Analyst, Ofgem

"Energy is an essential service that concerns us all and enables our life as we know it. It's an exciting sector with so much to learn!"
Curtis Geeves, Electrical Fitter, Morrison Utility Services

Curtis's Story - Electrical Fitter, Morrison Utility Services

"As a STEM Ambassador I really want to let school students know about the opportunities for a career in utilities and hopefully my experiences can show what possibilities there are."
Iain Bell, British Gas, Talent Source Network

Iain's Story - Operations Manager, British Gas

"For me, going down the apprenticeship route has always been the right decision. It is a unique opportunity to learn about a role, and a business, in a really immense way."
Jade Richardson, Meter Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

Jade's Story - Smart Meter Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

"I was studying Health & Beauty and Plumbing. I thought I should keep my options open!"
Jan Ward, CBE, Chair, Energy & Utility Skills

Jan's Story - Chair, Energy & Utility Skills

"There are so many opportunities in the energy and utilities sector and Energy & Utilities Jobs is a great initiative to help you find them.”
Jazz Chaggar, Talent Acquisition Manager, UK Power Networks

Jazz's Story - Talent Acquisition Manager, UK Power Networks

"Our overall strategy aims to break down any perceived barriers or misconceptions about working in this sector!"
Mark Mulcahy, Catchment Operator for Networks, South West Water

Mark's Story - Catchment Operator for Networks, South West Water

"The water industry offers a range of training opportunities to develop the skills needed to work in such a diverse field."
Nick Ellins, Chief Executive, Energy & Utility Skills Group

Nick's Story - CEO, Energy & Utility Skills

"A job in utilities also meant protecting the environment, supporting the economy and helping everyone from the local community to 65 million people across our nations. I was hooked."
Sam Walton, Resourcing Analyst, South West Water

Sam's Story - Resourcing Analyst, South West Water

"An exciting element of my job includes the opportunity to work on improvement projects, so I get to work with some great people on some very challenging tasks."
Sarah Burgess, First Line Manager, Wales & West Utilities

Sarah's Story - First Line Manager, Wales & West Utilities

"I love seeing women in engineering – we offer so much!!
Tanisha BeeBee, Policy Executive, Energy UK

Tanisha's Story - Policy Executive, Energy UK

"I have a great relationship with our members, industry stakeholders and the Government – something I never thought I would have all in one job!"
Keren Maschler, Senior Manager, Ofgem

Keren's Story - Senior Manager, Ofgem

"I find it most rewarding when I feel that I really make a difference."

Ben's Story - Asset Manager, South West Water

"I get to help shape the future of the business"