To best ensure that the network is diverse and reflective of the communities we serve; we have established a number of key strategic partners and associates to support us raise visibility of the opportunities available within the energy and utilities sector. 

The Department for Work and Pensions 

Working closely with our employers the Department of Work and Pensions and Job Centre Plus is able to provide visibility of training and career opportunities to those individuals who are not in employment, education or training (NEET).  

Focused regional projects have enabled unskilled individuals gain an insight into the skills the sector find attractive and work experience within either a technical or nontechnical role. This has directly led to a people moving into employment with our member employers. 

Career Transition Partnership (CTP) 

With over 14,000 individuals leaving the Armed Forces each year the energy and utilities sector can play a key role in retraining and redeploying these skilled individuals to a range of technical and nontechnical roles.

We are keen to hear from further influential groups/ bodies including:

Educational organisations

Including schools, colleges, universities and training organisations. This website offers a wealth of information for school leavers and graduates.

Professional bodies and associations

Energy & Utilities Jobs will help connect the professionals you represent with relevant and interesting opportunities in our sector, especially around technical and engineering roles. 

Government bodies and organisations

Energy & Utilities Jobs welcomes the opportunity to work with organisations representing talent looking to retrain or return to work.

Employer-led organisations

Organisations representing employers within adjacent sectors. For example, the Talent Retention Solution (TRS) - a UK wide scheme which aims to retain skills in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Sector, including Aerospace, Automotive, Civil Engineering, Defence, Energy, Marine, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Power Generation and Renewable industries.

Other supporting organisations

Energy & Utilities Jobs can also support the roles of welfare to work providers, charities and other support agencies. Please contact us if you feel your candidates could benefit from joining Energy & Utilities Jobs.